1) HyperLedger

HyperLedger is an open source collaborative effort between enterprise institutions and corporations to support the development of blockchain technology, to date Hyperledger has over 250 members including Accenture, Deloitte, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Huawei, Intel, IBM, Moscow Exchange, SAP, Samsung SDS, Xiaomi, Cisco, and more. HyperLedger’s goal is to form a consortium…

Why might CryptoCurve lead the way for mass adoption of blockchain technology? Read on to find out!

In early 2018, many got caught up in the buzz of the ever-growing cryptocurrency market. From its humble beginnings in 2008 Bitcoin had risen to almost $20,000 USD; the rise was quick and greater than anyone could have ever anticipated.

The rapid ascent led to its eventual decline, which some…

I’m no art connoisseur however I know a great blockchain use case when I see one.

Crypto Trading Art from /r/CryptoCurrency

Crypto skeptics like to argue that the cryptocurrency market is significantly overvalued as there is little real world use case or tangible value offered by crypto projects justifying the exuberant valuations.

Enthusiasts tend to counter with examples of people — in particular those who are impoverished — using crypto to…

Do you know who the major players are in the crypto space right now?

It’s the “WHALES” aka people with at LEAST several million dollars worth of cryptos in their possession, in “old school” financial terms these are the people known as “High Net Worth Individuals” (HNWI).

These HNWI’s are whales because whenever they make trades in the market they make huge waves due…

Michael Draper

Crypto journalist, enthusiast, and advocate writing about the latest and greatest blockchain innovations.

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