Want To Collaborate On Articles?

A Look Inside My Writing Process & How To Collaborate On My Forbes Articles

Over the few years, I’ve written 40+ articles for Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, Time.com, the Huffington Post that have been cumulatively viewed millions of times times and shared hundreds of thousands of times.

Throughout my writing experience, I’ve created a unique process for coming up with articles that I’m proud of.

Here it is:


Step 1: Research

I do a broad review of the books, traditional articles, and academic articles written on the subject. After reading these works, I interview the authors and also get recommendations on other folks to interview. I lean toward books that have research to back up the anecdotal experiences and opinions.

Step 2: Brainstorming An Article Topic

Through conversations and reflection, I notice links between different pools of ideas and try to tease out hooks that could be turned into an article. For every article, I have three components:

  • Hook. A counterintuitive hook that is easy to immediately understand, but at the same time very powerful and unique.
  • Story. A really compelling and authentic story that helps that idea come alive and be understood.
  • Action Step. The lowest hanging fruit action step that is extremely easy to follow, yet has amazing results.

Step 3: Editing

Once I have the three components to an article, I start writing it. I will first write about whatever comes to my mind. From there, I will start to narrow it down into something that is readable.

I will often go through 10 drafts of an article based on feedback from others and rereading the article several times.

Step 4: Creating A Title

Independently of writing an article, I brainstorm 25 article titles that I then get feedback on from friends. I aim to write article titles that people HAVE to click on when they see. Therefore, I look to find the most compelling hook from the article and use powerful, emotional words.

Step 5: Promotion

I share my articles through all my social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+) and my personal email newsletter.

Ultimately, the main distribution channel for my articles is word-of-mouth.

Writing Is Social

What I’ve learned is that writing isn’t a solitary experience. Every step of my process depends on others.

Let’s connect if you’d like to be involved to:

  • Learn more about my process.
  • Be recognized in the articles.
  • Be involved in the process of creating articles that help improve the lives of others.
  • Build a relationship with me.

I would love to collaborate with YOU!

This is an experiment, and it may not work, but we’ll have fun and learn along the way.

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