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This article is like one of those movies that shows you the final scene first and then uses the rest of the movie to explain the ending.

So here’s the ending…

  1. Reality is fed to us through a straw (algorithmic newsfeeds).
  2. Newsfeeds consist of value hooks (title/image/subtitle).
  3. Value hooks compete for our clicks and likes.
  4. Winning value hooks get featured. Losing value hooks get buried.
  5. Everyone can publish to the newsfeed.
  6. Attention is finite and nonrenewable.
  7. No one is in control.
  8. Humans are chimps in disguise.

Mix all these together and what you have is a cold war for our attention

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“The greatest CEOs that we ever studied manage for the quarter… century.” ― Jim Collins

Over the last 5 years, I’ve spent hundreds of hours studying and writing about self-made billionaire entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio, and Elon Musk. These innovators have built multi-decade track records like few others in history. Cumulatively, they have donated tens of billions of dollars and helped create world-changing products. In other words, the planet would be very different right now if they had never been born.

One of the most surprising patterns they all share is that they see in 4D while most people see in…

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This is the mental equivalent of eating McDonald’s every day.

Have you ever wondered why the Internet seems to be making people stupider rather than smarter? Even the smartest, most successful, most disciplined people are being affected.

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Michael Simmons

I teach people to learn HOW to learn / Serial entrepreneur / Bestselling author / Contributor: Time, Fortune, and Harvard Business Review

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