A Charge of Bots — The Tech World As We Know It Is About To Be Rewritten
Phil Libin

I don’t understand exactly why tech or (Spam) bots are getting this much attention, unless we all are giving some sort of rationality to Facebook’s new point’s of awareness an imposing disposition .. My point is that these so called tech bots have been implemented for awhile now, and I’m sure there are some who welcome this kinda of technology since it incorporates a more lackadaisical side of maintenance and purpose online, but it also absolutely contributes to the lesser sides of authenticity, hackers and sometimes hijacked interests with compromised spam and agenda’s.. But I am aware that balance of right and wrong are always attached on all platforms and I have to be curious of Facebook’s admitting stance on this matter may just be a “bright&shiny” lure to weigh out and build its own form of “damage control ?”

Growth with Balance I guess !

This is a wonderful read btw

Phil Libin: and thank you !