Breaking Blab
Will Hill

Yes sir I tuned into that one ugh!

But the UFC interview with Dana White was another !

“Trial and Error dilemma” that I feel needs to be addressed, unless other wise it was an attention ploy/attempt from the beginning? Realizing that the Blab community was addressed, prepped and ready and the event was shared out in so many ways from so many Blab community members, only to see Dana peek in and state that “He felt like this is a secret interview” then he bailed due to technical issues leaves alot on the table to be scrutinized and thoroughly examined..And one must wonder if this was another attention ploy from both sides of this conundrum ? And how was the UFC not prepped set and ready for this ?? To many unanswered inquiries at this point in time ;( I found the most recent scripted and edited interview with Dana on this subject matter on “You Tube” btw ! “Lookin for a Fight” Promotional deal all the way which is cool, but still leaves alot of unanswered aspects to be desired ..

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