An Open Letter to John Hanke & Niantic
Yang Liu

I loved Pokevision.

It made the game more fun and worth playing. I got so excited when I saw there were Pokémon I wanted nearby that I couldn’t see in the game. I got me even more into it. I also don’t see it as cheating or offering an unfair advantage since it was available to everyone and free. I saw it as a brilliant innovation that enhanced the game even further. I mean, look. Pokevision and the similar mobile apps that came about were NEW territory for mobile gaming! These were 3rd party extensions to a GAME that opened up new possibilities and features the game itself didn’t offer or wasn’t capable of! That’s groundbreaking in my opinion. Furthermore, we don’t create games and apps for ourselves and police how other people use them. That would be absurd! We build them for our users and intended audience. And when we get fans, we listen to them, not tell them how to use it.

I’m so disappointed in Niantic

for taking this stance. They’re just pissing off the players who care enough about the game to actually try at getting good. The players who didn’t use Pokevision weren’t even into the game enough to care about leveling up and taking gyms. So why would it even matter if the more serious players were taking extra steps to get ahead? That’s what you do when you want to win. You try harder.


Pokémon Go is a great game and Niantic should get due credit for creating it. I can understand that bugs happen and the demand was under-anticipated. I can’t blame them for that. But…to police how the game’s fans should play the game and stifle innovation is just dumb when it does nothing but become a turnoff and piss off the players who cared enough to spend the time necessary to actually catch new Pokémon and advance.

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