Gratitude // Step 1: Gate 4: Key 4 #30StepstoLive

One of the most important daily rituals, habits, routines, and ways of thinking that you can be able to incorporate into your life for the rest of eternity.

This is the most solid practice that will help you not only alleviate daily stressors, anxiety, worries, doubts, these types of things that will just cripple your mind and can get you into a downward spiral of depression.

The topic that I want to speak of is gratitude. Being thankful, grateful, appreciative of everything that you do have because when you have gratitude, it eliminates all of these symptoms that could be constant daily stressors inflicting pain upon you and your mind and stopping you from being able to take the right actions and the right decisions in your daily life. …

Document, Don’t Create — #Adtalk // Step 1: Gate 3: Key 3 #30StepstoLive

An #Adtalk a day keeps the doctor away, and shows you what you can create!

My 2.5 Year Documentary, “In Pursuit of Purpose: Finding a Life of Happiness,” is free to watch, and fully available on Youtube, all thanks to the #Adtalk! The Full Movie is 3 Hours Long.

This movie is my character in play. Over a period of 2.5 years, I record myself on camera and document my personal growth journey, sharing some of the greatest hardships I’ve faced with my health, peace of mind, and relationships, and how I transcended those difficulties to become an emotional freedom coach and speaker. …

Self-Awareness At Its Finest // Step 1: Gate 1: Key 1 #30StepstoLive

Congratulations! I am so happy you’ve taken the initiative to learn who you are!! The reason why I’m happy is because most people will not commit to something and actually follow through with their own commitments.

Leadership at the essence of it all is being able to commit to something and then following through with your commitments. …

Healing // Step 1: Gate 2: Key 2 #30StepstoLive

This is a long video because this is the main topic for the beginning of your entire journey!

This is the Self-Healing Process.

Everything you do is about healing and feeling into your being so you can be emotionally free.

That means truly expressing yourself to be understood, so we can live in harmony.

Harmony means you can stand out as the individual while also participating and contributing to the integral whole.

If you want to connect with people and have more loving and intimate relationships where you can truly understand one another and deeply connect, that starts with yourself and your own mental and emotional health and healing. …

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#Adtalk #1–01/03/17 // The Beginning of My Story

This is the first ever self-talk video I filmed to figure out who I am, because in 2017, I was very sick and I didn’t know it.

I was in a mentally, emotionally, and verbally abusive relationship with those closest to me.

I was a victim of Narcissistic Abuse.

I had my health and my education taken from me as if I did not own a name.

Someone else was manipulating me, and I had discovered a way to heal before I completely lost my purpose, my identity, and every sense of what I am to do here as a human being. …

Michael Earth Osada

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