The Importance of Dress for Success According to Michael Eckerman

Michael Eckerman
Jul 11 · 3 min read
Michael Eckerman on the Importance of Dress for Success

One of the greatest things a person can do is donate their time and money to help others who are less fortunate. Michael Eckerman, a real estate investor, from Phoenix, Arizona, believes that with power and resources one should do something constructive for the less fortunate. As a humanitarian, Mike Eckerman focuses on helping and supporting children’s and women’s charities such as Dress for Success. Today we wanted to highlight the charity Dress for Success and how you can also give back to your local community and improve the lives of others.

What is Dress for Success?

Dress for Success works with different agencies, corporations and donors to bring real change in women’s lives. Located in over 150 cities across 34 countries, Dress for Success serves women from ages 18–60 years old that have come from all walks of life. The organization not only provides women with long term solutions to financial problems by enabling them to earn a living with dignity but also provide them with professional attire and accessories. By focusing on the true talent and strength of the individual they help them build a safe and sustainable future.

How Dress for Success Operates

The main service that Dress for Success provides is their “Suiting Program”. The Suiting Program allows women to get professional outfits both for their job interviews as well as other business-appropriate clothes once they have landed a job. Clients are paired with clothing stylists who provide advice, guidance and recommendations on what professional attire would look best as well as providing starting outfits. At Dress for Success it is believed that empowering a woman enables her to make a large impact in her professional life. In addition to the Suiting Program, Dress for Success affiliates run various programs of their own at their locations such as job training and career services. Michael Eckerman suggests that you check with your local Dress for Success affiliate to see what programs are available.

How One Can Help Dress for Success

There are many ways that one can help with Dress for Success. One of the simplest methods of supporting the organization is to donate money to your local affiliate. Each affiliate is always in need of money to help provide funding for their Suiting Program as well as other programs that are run.

Another way that people can support the organization is taking on a volunteer position. Dress for Success has a wide array of volunteer positions available at each affiliate location from office administration to personal dressers to marketing.

Finally, you can help Dress for Success by donating your old professional outfits. If the outfits are still in a well-maintained condition, they can be passed forward to give other women a fresh start to their career.


Helping others is one of the best ways to bring joy to one’s life. Mike Eckerman hopes that you can find some time in your life to give back to an organization such as Dress for Success to help others in your community lead a better life.

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Michael Eckerman

Michael Eckerman is the CEO of The Eckerman Group in Phoenix, AZ. He is an expert in real estate finance and investments.

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