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Transforming an ancient banking app into a state of the art experience

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Redesign of the DKB Banking App

Choosing a bank institution in Germany was pretty lame back in the days: You could either choose Sparkasse or join the VR-Bank. That was it. Surely there also were some exotic institutions on the market, but not worth mentioning them. Especially in the countryside, they did not play much of a role. Hence almost everyone was having an account with one of the big bulls that made life pretty comfy for them. Nevertheless, that good life started getting harder when digitalization began (Sadly enough some of their employees probably still have not heard of it): Plenty of online-banks entered the pitch and people were no longer forced to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea. I also switched: I got myself an account at the online-bank called “DKB”: They are famous for not charging for the account itself, withdrawing money inter- and nationally or for money transfers. What they, unfortunately, are also well-known for: Their hilariously bad native app (I rate iOS only). Whereat the phrase “native” is an extenuation: It basically only consists of web-views with native elements added (Apple Pay and Face ID). Even worse: The UX/UI of the app was not much changed since going live a view years ago. …

Why touch-only in cars is bad UX - The Tesla Case

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Tesla´s touch-only Cockpit.

Tesla’s way up in the e-car industry is outstanding. In the glimpse of an eye they made it to challenge, rile and compete against the biggest, (yet) most successful but too old-fashioned car companies in the world.

Nevertheless Tesla is quite half-baked in manufacturing cars which already caused some trouble. From bigger problems in the manufacturing process to some smaller issues the car itself has, they made a bunch of rookie-mistakes. I will not judge them too, they already get enough bad press.

For what I will judge them as a UX-Designer is the gigantic touch-only display they integrated in their cockpit. Whereupon “integrated” sounds much nicer than it actually looks. You rather have the feeling that they forgot to built-in a display at all and then just placed one after already finishing the car. But that is only a matter of taste. Back to judging: Touchscreens are great - but not when driving a car at 120mph on a highway. The problem with touching while driving is that you, as a driver, get no sufficient feedback if you successfully hit the touchpoint you were actually touching for. …

Is that now a good or a bad thing?

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Ever heard of “Why Do All Websites Look the Same?”, “Unbox the Web” or “Web Design is now completely boring”? These are pretty well known articles describing the lack of diversity in the web.

The most important points of those articles are:

  • The Internet suffers from a lack of imagination
  • The internet consists of containers in containers in containers
  • Too many interchangeable pages
  • Only generic fonts are used
  • Nothing is truly designed, it’s simply assumed.

Fair enough. I get the point and every statement is legitimate.
I also can guess the structure of almost every homepage of a website without even taking a look at it.

The structure of almost every Homepage:

  • Header
  • Nav…

How to generate the right Job Title

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As always in life being sarcastic is much easier than finding proper solutions for a problem, you name it. So instead of only making fun of absurd job titles in the design industry, I wrote an ultimate two-step solution with some sneaky tipps for generating the right job title:

Step 1: Mama knows best

Do what you (hopefully) always did in your life when Rome was burning: Ask your Mama! Not about what job title fits you best. Ask her, if she understands your job title and can (at least) guess what you do all day long in your badass job. …

Top 10 most (not) memorable Job Titles

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Working in the design industry is nice right now: Design as an important discipline in product development is getting more and more attraction and importance to customers. Due to that there are plenty of (sometimes not so) well paid jobs out there right now. But thats also the point where the design industry gets pretty weird: Job Titles. From time to time I check out job boards from companies I would maybe like to work for. I often find myself searching for a fitting design position without finding one at once because it is hidden behind some mysterious designation. The “job title arbitrariness” fought a tough battle and at the end of the day it celebrated a bittersweet victory: It became an incomprehensible mess. …

Whom do we (want to) work for?

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Do something great. Or what the client pays for.

Have you, UX Designers out there, ever been to a subprime tinder date and being asked what you do for a living? Probably you have. It usually goes like this:

Date: So tell me, what do you do for living?
Me: I am a UX Designer.
What happens then is always pretty interesting to watch because it happens in 9 out of 10 times.
Date (Looking confused): Design what?
Me: I am a UX Designer. UX means User Experience.
Date: Aha.
Me: Yeah, I create digital products like websites and apps with the goal to enhance the user satisfaction.
Date: Aha, cool. Sounds pretty, hmm, interesting!
Also in 9 out of 10 times that’s the point when you should change the topic of your conversation. …

Resurrection through gamification

Imagine you are attending a business meeting with a new client. Apart from smalltalk and handshakes there is one other common thing always happening: You receive a business card from everyone. Of course you are prepared for that and spread yours too.

Is sharing business cards the ultimate ritual of starting something great? Well, we´re pretty experienced in attending meetings and can honestly say: Hell no, it is not. Also statistics have a pretty clear picture on that. 88% of the business cards will be tossed within a week.

Why do people still use business cards?

Let´s take a shallow dive on the informations that are usually shared on business…

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