Lost in translation

Startup journey log #2

I feel like Bill Murray in “Lost in Translation”. For him it’s Japan, for me social media. I’m using FB (or Facebook) for a couple of months (not a joke…). Result? 53 connections on my personal profile. When I studied marketing at university (20 years ago, I know it’s long time ago) TV was the ultimate medium. Things have changed since then. No reason to complain about it; I cannot afford today TV commercials or any mass media strategy I learned. There’s one single choice, it will be social media marketing. “Sink or swim” sounds a bit melodramatic but for sure I’m going to swallow a mouthful of water.

I read, listened and watched so much content that I’m not sure of what I know about social media. A quick summary: there are 2 ways: the “hacks” (or quick fixes) or the “hustle technique”. In another words, you pay and the robots do the job or you do the job yourself (working your ass off). However an alternative exists, paying an agency. My resources (or rather my lack of) are telling me to don’t consider it. So the only solution left is… work hard. You can exclude the robots because they “like” and “follow” you but they don’t buy from you. To be more precise it’s work hard AND be patient. I’m not sure which one is the most difficult…

Let’s start somewhere. Let’s start from here, by keeping posting on Medium. Right now an Asian wisdom dose is needed: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. So with my one single follower the journey begun, right? However I look forward to seeing the remaining thousand to join, I told you I’m impatient!

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