Girls get raped sometimes. What’s the big deal?

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If the title and subtitle of this article didn’t make your blood boil, read them again.

Men. We’re the subject. We get an adult label and an active choice. We can care or not. It’s our decision. It’s up to us. That’s the way it should be. Right?

Girls. You’re the sub-heading in an article about a topic that affects you the most. Let’s not bother with using “women” to put you on an equal footing. No, we’ll refer to you like children. We’ll refer to “getting raped” in the passive tense. It happens to…

As a man who isn’t a survivor, where do I even start?

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Full disclosure: Fearless editor, Gillian Sisley, is my critique partner and friend. She has been instrumental in my journey to caring about the issue of sexual assault to the point that I need to speak out about it, and God has placed this on my heart. I’m an author. With Gillian’s assistance, I’ve written a novel on the subject of assault titled Believed. It will be published one way or another, but that will take time.

Recently I had a few ideas for articles, so I sent them to Gillian. …

Survivors of sexual assault are fighting to be heard. But am I listening? Do I see?

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This is a short story painting a picture of my thoughts on an issue that affects far too many people, including some whom I love.

I take my seat in the arena among thousands of spectators. The lights are dim. The event is about to start. Vendors hawk food and drinks up and down the aisles, and I flag one over with my wallet in hand.

“You want a hot dog?” he asks.

I shake my head. “Sorry, no. I was hoping for a soft pretzel.”

He moves on. I slump against the plastic chair. Maybe the next one…


Michael Emberger

I’m an author who knows too many survivors of sexual assault. It needs to stop. Doing what I can to be an ally.

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