Monday Declared “National Kneel At Work Day” To Protest Trump Presidency
Allan Ishac

Allan. Nicely written about a man who is obsessed with things that he thinks he comprehends. Notice his I said, that he thinks he understands because when it comes down to the actual things that he truly understands, we can only imagine these items because, every time that he tries to talk about an issue that he is offended by, he seems to get into the number of votes he won by in the Electoral College and that he knows that the popular vote would have been much higher if there hadn’t been 3 to 4 million illegal voters that were bussed into New Hampshire or was it California? Well, they all are guilty of bussing in illegal voters and making him lose the popular vote. His voter fraud commission said that there were a number of voter fraud cases. These actually consisted of most of the Donald Trump family members starting with Donald Sr. who was registered in New York and Florida, Donald Jr. who was registered to vote in New York and Florida, Eric Trump who also registered to vote in New York and Russia? Wait, that must be a typo, I have to check that out. Ivanka who was registered to vote in New York and China? Come on, these facts have to be made up, really, what did you do, have Donald Trump Sr. give this information to you? That has to be Florida. Then there is that Jerid Kushner and he is registered to vote in New York and Florida, also, did you know that according to sources higher up in the White House, Jerid Kushner is registered to vote as a woman? And, there is more information about people who voted twice for Trump. But Donald Trump said that is really not important because the voters fraud unit would show just how many illegal immigrants voted illegally. This is why he lost the popular election by 3 million votes.

Now we find out that on Monday morning, Donald Trump was seen kneeling in the White House Hallway leading to the TV room, and he was down on both knees. At first, it was thought that he was protesting the NFL Player who knelt on Sunday, but later we found out that he had fallen on his way to the kitchen to get a double dip ice cream and he couldn’t get up. So, you see, it’s OK to kneel in protest for something you feel strongly for.

Well done you

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