Drawing The White House Correspondents’ Dinner
Liza Donnelly

I like your article and your drawing’s, they are so reminiscent of the drawings from The New Yorker. The fact that the President was not there is probably why you had a good time and I would imagine that the other attendees were also enjoying themselves because they didn’t have to see or hear this man talk. He has given us much to be concerned about and any break where he is not in the news is just peachy with me.

I would have loved to hear the speeches from Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward. They did some amazing work in reporting on the Watergate Investigation. I remember the whole story as it unfolded. I was an adult of 25 years old. I had voted for Nixon twice, once while i was going to Vietnam and the second time was when I was going to College to try and play catch up to my friends that didn’t go. I am a wounded Combat Veteran and I volunteered for Vietnam. I was in the Mekong Delta, on the rivers during the TET OFFENSIVE of 1968–1969.

I became disillusioned by the Republican Party when I returned home and my politics became more in line with some of the Independent ideals, so I became an independent. Then in recent years I became a Democrat.

I am very concerned about the recent course of events and the election of Trump as president. I can only say that I pray that there will be some party that will continue the investigations into the Russian collusion into our election.

Thank you for your article and drawings, it is interesting to read.

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