Touch Starved
Indira Reddy

Indira Reddy. What a lovely poem. I really enjoyed this well crafted piece. You have just captured something that many of us long for, but are afraid to venture into that realm of the desire, because of that fear of the unknown. We learn from childhood, that our personal space is a private place where people can not intrude unless invited, a hug, a kiss, a touch, all uncomfortable unless we invite them. The imagery is very good and makes me visualize the unkempt and meaty man in bar who is under that impression that he is God’s gift to women. I have watched many times this person perform their nightly ritual in 100 bars in many cities and countries. The country may change, but the same man exists to disturb and annoy.

You have written a wonderful poem that explains the ultimate desire, to be touched by someone who can give you a feeling of reality of being alive, and sometimes you may feel an electric connection with a single touch. So you wait and hope that the next person who can bring you back to the world will be a master electrician.

Well done you.