To Get the Most Out of Life, Dance
John P. Weiss

John, thank you again for your words of wisdom. As always, that spark some truisms in my life, and I hope in many others lives that read your articles. I get good takeaway information from your articles and each one that I read imparts words of wisdom. Not necessarily many, but at least one of two, OK maybe more than one or two. I believe that this is due to your years of observing people at their worst and usually being surprised when they show you their best. You certainly are a man of many talents or from what I have read and heard from you, you seem to be someone that enjoys the excitement of something new in your life. You have already explained to us that you are really not afraid to the extent of immobility when you want to start something big and new. A new career at your advanced age? Really remarkable.

I have to say that I am really impressed that you are now taking up Scuba Ballet with Swim Fins. Exciting. I really would love to see you do a pirouette in full swim fins and wetsuit and tanks. For the most part I believe that a man like yourself is called a Renaissance man and this is what becomes of a man with many talents. I really like your drawings, pictures, they always make me smile.

Well done you.