Happiness Is Boring.
Robert Cormack

Robert Cormack. This is a nice article. It has humor, it contains some interesting information, and it is a very good description of what happiness is similar to.

It reminds me of a joke. A man dies and goes to heaven. He is welcomed by St. Peter who tells him about heaven. Then he takes him on a walk around, and as they walk, St. Peter is telling him different things about the place. Then, they came to a room and inside it were a large group of people, drinking, smoking, dancing and eating the most delicious looking food he had ever seen. He asked St. Peter who was this group? St. Peter answered; “Those are the Baptists and they are just doing what they couldn’t do in life.” They continue on and come to another room and inside were a large group of people running around and dancing and drinking liqueur and smoking. The man asked who this group was. St. Peters said; This group is the Methodist’s, they couldn’t have their fun on Earth so they are making up for it now. They continued on and came to another room. The people were all sitting in pews, straight and not moving or talking. The man looked and was really confused, so he asked St. Peter who this group was? St. Peter said; Those people are the Protestant Reformers. They thought that they were the chosen ones, so we let them think that they are the only ones up here.

Well done You.

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