“ Documents and interviews unearthed in recent months by Brave New Foundation researchers…

Thank you for this good article on the Koch Brothers. You have given some excellent information as to their attempts to destroy Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, and all social programs including, Food Stamps, Aid to Dependent Children, Welfare payments for mothers and woman with children and any Welfare programs in general.

I had to use Social Security for a short time when I fell onto my driveway on a July 4th, 2010. I did some major damage to my spine and hips causing me to be unable walk without a cane or walker. I caused severe damages to several areas of my body and had to go onto my companies short term, then long term disability. After that was finished I went onto Social Security Disability until I reached my retirement age of 66 years of age. Without my Social Security Disability, my family and me would have lost our home, our car, our savings account, my 401K. Thank God for this program. I worked since 1963, part time for several years and after my return from Vietnam, I went to college and worked from that period until my fall in 2010. I paid many, many thousands into my Social Security/Medicare Account.

There are a few things that I don’t understand about the Republican’s borrowing the money from all of our Social Security/Medicare Accounts. 
In 1971 there was a new payroll tax that increased noticeably any money that was being withdrawn from workers accounts and placed into their Social Security/Medicare Accounts. Since this money was a tax on our wages, this was not an entitlement. In 1973, the Republican’s “BORROWED” the whole cash reserve of 1 Trillion Dollars. This went to pay for the Tax Cut to the upper 1% of the richest people in the United States. The balance was used to help rebuild the infrastructure of our highways and bridges.

In 2003, President George W. Bush, borrowed 1.37 Trillion Dollars from the whole Social Security Reserves and the Republican’s still owed the IOU payment of the 1 Trillion Dollars that they borrowed in 1973? The total amount of money that should be in the Cash Reserve, should be 2.37 Trillion Dollars. There is $0. This last 1.37 Trillion Dollars that was “BORROWED” by the Republicans was to pay for George W. Bush’s Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. This also went to pay for his Tax Breaks to the 1% of the richest tax payers in the United States.

What I can’t figure is why has the Republican party gone and asked the Koch brothers for this 2.37 Trillion Dollars to pay back their IOU’S? Who borrowed these monies? Mitch McConnell for the most recent? But who was the power monger of the Republican party in 1973?

Since we have or are supposed to have a total amount of 2.37 Trillion Dollars in our Social Security/Medicare Accounts, we should not be paying for the Republican’s IOU’S. So, we should not be having any Social Security Reduction or any Reduction of Medicare or Medicaid!!!

Donald Trump ran with the express promise that he would not touch the Social Security or Medicare Accounts. This is our money and we earned it. So why is he lying and removing Several Billion Dollars from our Individual Accounts to Pay for huge Tax Cuts for the upper 1% of the Richest Tax Payers in the Country, including himself?

The upper 1% of the Richest people in our country have been given very sizeable Tax Cuts and Rebates at least 3 times from 1973, why do they get another Huge Tax Cut from our own money? I didn’t say take my money and give it to the, Koch Brothers, the Hunt’s Brothers, Trump, or any other of these Rich American’s. I want to just have my Retirement benefits with my annual COLA as were were once promised. And my Medicare that will cover everything that we may have happen to us, health-wise.

So, leave my Social Security and Medicare alone and give me my COLA each year as promised.