Trump Says He Would Be A More Effective Leader If This Was 1930’s Germany
Allan Ishac

This is another well written piece A.I. Only the name has been changed to protect to protect the innocent? And of course your ass. But as in all serious articles, that of course show us the error of his ways, we may see just a wee tiny bit of the lies that made him guilty of crimes against humility.

Of course we can’t question his undeniably tepid remarks about these attacks by his voluntary “Make American Great Again,” Peaceful Army of Non Violent and totally in control, really nice guys. He has met with these guys many different times on his campaign tours around the Southern States. He told his totally volunteer Army that they were going to make America Great Again after they talk really peacefully to the Liberal Democratic anti demonstrators. These men about town, the pride of the Alt-White; Those wild and crazy guys, The Neo-Nazi’s with Eric Adolf Hickler Trump-kin, and those (White is Right) White Supremacists along with the KKK members.

Of course the country, well, at least all of the less Right Brained, told Donald Trump that his response was perhaps a little to much like honoring these group and sort of condemning to the Liberals, Democrats and the people who were injured and killed. So he came forward on Monday to really let these bad guys have it. And after he said that the White Supremacists and Neo-Nazi’s and the KKK guys were not very nice and even may have been a little bit nasty to the Liberal elements, he went on to tell everybody how really really mean the media and the Democrats have been to him. You know, sort of a; you guys are really bad but you did good for me.

I am very impressed at your ability to see the true man behind the mask, the real Donald Trump et shows us that he really can blow his own horn.

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