“Come grow old with me. The best if yet to be”

Stop Fidgeting It’s going to Happen, Like It or Not

There is a pain in growing old,
with bridges burned, our time is told.
When all of life has seen the end,
and death now comes, as though a friend.

A friend who will lead the way,
to give us rest that final day.
No more we see of times untrue,
the honor of our lives will do.

To show the world our kindness, through
the stories of our God, so true.
We wept for loss of happy youth,
when memories, shared their simple truth.

Those days well spent with lovely song,
so sweet and haunting, ever long.
The songs of love and times we shared,
will ease the pain, of life unfair.

When battle songs are no more heard,
for the honor that we gave to her.
All the good that’s in this place,
will live forever in God’s grace.

Michael Evarts