My Dependent
Tre L. Loadholt

Tre L. I’m so sorry that you and Jernee went through this horrible time. I am so glad that she is going to be OK once this medication is done. Our little angels can’t do it themselves and they rely on Mommy or Daddy or both to take care of them, to hold them and cuddle them and make them feel better. But we know that all of the time, it’s us that need to be comforted. I am so happy and thankful for your quick response. Who knows how bad she could have gotten or felt.

Our little Lily, a rescue Chihuahua that we adopted about 7 years ago, has been a constant joy to us and we also dread that time when she is called to take that path over the Rainbow bridge and into Heaven.

I know that our angels feel all that we feel, and they have souls. I believe that God gave us these perfect little souls to love us unconditionally and even though they live for only a few years, I know that they go before so that they can welcome us to our new home in Haven. Our best friend(s) will be waiting at the gates to greet us, as they did in life.

Thank you for this thoughtfully crafted letter. I’m so happy to know that she is on the mend thanks to her mommy. Bless you Tre L.

P.S. When I was young, I saw older people who would call themselves, Mommy and Daddy when referring to themselves to their dogs and cats. I said I would never do that! Not so, you can’t help it, it comes naturally after all, they are our children.

Well, now you know, I’m just a hopeless sap.