Texans To Trump: “We Don’t Have Boots High Enough For Your Bullshit!”
Allan Ishac

We are really enjoying watching Trump helping the poor people of Huston as they come especially to see Donald Trump and hear his words of encouragement. This is so great, to see him standing up on something and holding up the Flag of Texas and then he holds up his hats and tells the people that he has some great hats that will keep the rain off their heads and they can buy them for only $40.00 from his web site.

Of course, the survivors of this Hurricane don’t have any electricity, that was lost when their houses blew away. But Trump has great news for them, his Rally in Missouri drew huge, gigantic crowds and he had a great campaign rally and made a lot of money for his reelection campaign.

This is a nice story A.I.

Well done you.