One simple act by all of us could make a huge difference

Coronavirus is spreading quickly from the microscopic droplets in people’s breath. You can radically stop or slow the spread to those you are near by covering your nose and mouth.

You don’t know if you are infected, so act like you are!

Truth is, most infections are probably transmitted by those who don’t know they were contagious. You could be the next to unknowingly get it or give it!

Even with social distancing, anytime you must be with other people, in addition to keeping your distance, cover your mouth and nose with a makeshift covering or bandana. …

To save lives, we all need to ACT like you’re infected even though you probably are not.

If you want to help, then do everything possible to not infect others in case you are a carrier. An infected person can infect many others.

That should be obvious, but as I write this, children in my neighborhood are still outside playing and college kids are gathering by the 1000s for Spring break. Still others are doing more modest things or even sheltering at home. One thing is for sure — among all of these groups, some of them are definitely infected and don’t know it.

Young people are fearless — I was too at that age, but most are going to return home after just having had close or intimate proximity with friends, and then hug their family members, and potentially infect everyone at…

…two of which you might not realize

Top 3 reasons to personally care about Covid infection

  • It can cause you or your family members permanent lung damage.
  • It will overwhelm the healthcare system and prevent treatments for other serious diseases affecting someone you know.
  • It may be very deadly for someone you love such as a grandparent, parent or a younger friend who may have other illnesses.

Keep in mind that the ONLY way this has spread has been due to our normal social behaviors. So changing the norm can can stop the spread for exactly the same reasons.

I’m a scientist at a leading research institution, but stopping this disease RIGHT NOW will not be…

Even if you are only exposed to COVID-19 and remain asymptomatic, you may still put your parents or grandparents at serious risk of death

This is not the flu

The virus called SARS-CoV-2 is a coronavirus that has now arrived in every state in the USA giving people the respiratory disease known as COVID-19. If you are like most people, you are going along with most of the CDC recommendations to wash your hands more, interact with fewer people, and maybe even work from home. And, like many people, you may have the impression that the world is actually overreacting — this is just like a bad flu, isn’t it?

No, this is not like the “flu” (which often refers to seasonal Influenza). COVID-19 is almost 20x more deadly…

Michael Chou, PhD

I am a Lecturer in Genetics at Harvard Medical School and my work focuses on ALS, genomics & biotech. The views I express here are my own, not my employer’s.

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