We Were There for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, They Were Not There for Us
Sasha Stone


It would seem that you want the comedians to advance a feminist argument advocating for Hillary. I would argue that is exactly what her opponents’ would desire. Hillary represents a realistic world view of liberalism. The use of feminism would undercut her authenticity and validity. Not because she is female, but because being female, like being of any specific racial orientation is not something strived for or earned it is a consequence of birth. I will vote for Hillary, not because of her gender but her policies and worldview. The true advancement of the female gender comes not from gender oriented politics, but from viewing the individual for their qualities, without regard to his or her gender, race, or cultural ethnicity. If you seek a star for feminism, look to Michelle Obama, who with one heartfelt speech deflated the macho-male myth for the entire planet.

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