The Self Help Guru’s Are Selling You Crap.
Tim Denning

In the world of self-help, there are many ideas. One is that a person needs to learn the basic truth of their life on their own, kind of like Cheryl Strayed in her book Wild. There is some truth to this, if you are going to learn something, especially something important, you must internalize so that the idea becomes a seamless part of who you are.

Some folks need help in identifying what they need help changing, some need help with actually changing.

Some people believe that the more they pay for something the better it will be. This belief is very common and it wouldn’t take anyone more than 5 seconds to think of a number of instances of this.

I certainly can’t speak for everyone in the self help world, some are surely good and some surely are hucksters. Certainly not everyone is lying and guruship is rarely self-proclaimed, it is more a question of listening to your own heart in who to pay attention to more.