The Era of Employee Drug Testing Is Over
Kris Gage

Here’s a random sampling of other illegal shit:

It’s hard to get through the day anywhere in the world without breaking the law.

Not saying that someone should be high while they are operating a school bus, for instance, that’s is a ridiculous idea.

Testing though, gives the false idea that if the testee did not positive during the time they were given the test, that that behavior is a valid predictor of future behavior.

Anyone who knows anything about stats knows that predictive accuracy for future behavior always has a degree of confidence attached to it. Just because you weren’t high during the test doesn’t mean you won’t be high immediately following the test in celebration. (not you — Kris, anybody)

I suspect (in the States, anyway) that most drug testing is about getting money somehow from the Feds) I could be wrong on that, it might just feel that way to me.