What I Learned From Not Exercising
Tiffany Sun

True enough, for sure, Tiffany. Our bodies need to heal and rebuild and recover from being worked, especially to the point of failure. That is a completely normal cycle that is often overlooked by crazy fitness people. You really can’t go on and on without a chance to recover.

Well, I guess you can go on and on, but what happens then is that your available energy goes into your new workout instead of into healing, so tha you are always behind.

The no pain-no gain never actually talk much about good pain and how it is the signal for working to muscle failure. So lots of people interpret their pain from injury as being good when it really means they aren’t spending enough time recovering.

While the idea behind YOLO might be valid in some ways, working out can significantly add to your enjoyment of life. I think that counts for a lot too.