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It was one of those rare days when I was overcome with total clarity.

Overnight everything had changed…I looked around me, it felt dated, worn out, tired…even I felt like a thing of the past.

It wasn’t just things, it was my hopes, my dreams, the lifestyle I had created…the things I used to measure who I was…they all suddenly felt irrelevant…

…how I made a living…the struggle to get to and from work, the amount of time I spent away from my family…

…crossroads…turning point…precipice…were words that described where I was.

New world order…

Today I woke up to a new age…the age of innovation, the thinker, imagining solutions to problems previously impossible to solve.

I was there…ready to let go of the past, put nostalgia in a museum with respect and gratitude…embrace a new world order.

I started to look at my skills in a different way…envisioning them layered with technology, create a new future for myself.

Amplified by technology…

We’ve caught up with science fiction…it’s history… today is reality…the future full of possibilities.

We have so much opportunity…there has never been a better time re-imagine ourselves in a completely new way…be our own driving force.

The only obstacle is me…I have to allow it into my life…ignore the naysayer’s, embrace the possibilities…live freely into all of who I’m capable of being.

Clarity is key…

Innovation isn’t only about inspired thinking, processes, systems…we are innovation itself, we are a product of it.

It’s me who amplifies technology…this is my future…see it, believe it…share it.

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