Shocking Book Reveals How People Become Perceived As Viruses To Society

Michael Fraser
2 min readJun 7, 2022

During a Podcast interview for Two Track Minds, Ivan Tucakov explains the research detailed in his manuscript, Cultura Rasa. One aspect of the book analyzes patterns of viruses and bacteria within living organisms in contrast to cultural patterns in society.

In the discussion, Ivan explains the emergence of cellular biology out of matter and socio-cultural groups out of living organisms. He shows how individuals are born into distinct roles in their society and culture.

“Breath of Society and Harnessing Free Will”

A virus is an entity…that doesn’t belong to your body… A virus can be bad for you, good for you, or [benign]… Even though it’s a separate entity, the virus, will function within your system. [Just like a person], a free-living entity can still function within a larger city structure. In this analogy, if you’re a person who’s going around messing with people’s regular roles [in] society, you’ll be seen [as] a virus to the system.

Ivan discusses how viruses and bacteria can benefit our bodies without us even knowing. He compares the biological system to small gatherings that operate completely independently from official societal norms, and still benefit the larger society greatly.

You know how they say you have good gut bacteria?… A bacterium is a cell, the smallest living format… [it] can exist in your gut without the body getting rid of it, [and] can…improve the state. A lot of bacteria in our gut have nothing to do with us… it just so happens that it’s benefiting you.

The author explains that a small gathering of people fulfilling needs within the society is like a bacterial structure. These groups within the larger society can exist as long as they’re not bothering the whole system. When people are noticed to be bothering the system, they become perceived as viruses. The disruption of societal norms is seen as anarchy in the system.

If you’re intrigued to learn more about how society and culture harness the forces of biology visit the Cultura Rasa website, explore the tree of culture, flip through the FREE excerpts, and sign up for the email list to find out about Ivan Tucakov’s upcoming book; set to be released in fall 2022.