Moreland North West Ward Candidates Summary

Michael Stanley
Oct 20, 2016 · 3 min read

This is a short guide to the candidates for North West Ward in the 2016 Moreland council elections.

I’ve separated it out from my wider guide as it is a bit rushed, and largely uses analysis of How To Vote cards registered by the Wednesday before polling. John Englart has helped me to complete it (I want to keep him above from the brick-throwing I did in the other article). There is a lack of digestible public info about North West Ward candidates compared to the the work I did for South Ward and John Englart and Cate did for North East Ward, so without further adieu….

Raju Shakya

Affiliation/Preference block— Independent / Fb Campaign Page

Raju is a member of Moreland’s Nepalese community and has been running a high profile campaign in NW ward. No strong Ideological bent apparent in any materials.

Mark O’Brien

Affiliation /Preference Block — Labor

Councillor for NE ward 2004–2008, Mayor 2006–2007

John Kavanagh

Affiliation /Preference Block — Independent (Ex DLP) /Campaign Website

I’ve written about John in this article.

Alesio Mulipola

Affiliation /Preference Block — Independent

Alesio has not lodged any HTV’s and no-one is preferencing him strongly.

Shaun Minehan

Affiliation /Preference Block — Independent

Very strong on the ‘Rates, Roads, Rubbish’ stuff in his campaign materials.

Oscar Yildiz

Affiliation /Preference Block— Labor / Twitter

I’ve written about Oscar in this article.

Alice Judith Pryor

Affiliation /Preference Block — Labor / Fb Campaign Page / Campaign Website

Previous councillor for South Ward in the term before last, one of three councillors who faced the wrath of ALP headquarters for breaking a deal with fellow ALP councillors. Clearly back in the fold exchanging preferences with other Labor candidates. Only candidate that specified appreciation of heavy metal in the music survey — I’m hoping to see Harlott on the Brunswick Music festival lineup if she gets in. \m/

Tony Astuto

Affiliation /Preference Block — Laborish

Tony has registered multiple HTV’s stating he’s an Independent. However his suggested prefs flow to ex Labor councillor Milad El-Halabi then a mix of Independent and Labor candidates, with John Kavanagh and the Greens right at the back. Definitely not following the strict flow of Labor candidates, but a flow that favours the ALP strongly.

Parsu Sharma Luital

Affiliation /Preference Block — Labor / Fb Campaign Page

Inaugural New Australian of the Year in 2014, loud and proud Labor man.

Mohamed El Mustapha

Affiliation /Preference Block — Labor / Fb Campaign Page/Profile

Mohamad’s page is almost entirely in Arabic script so I can’t tell you much except a slogan of ‘Moreland deserves Better’. Like fellow candidate Tony Astuto, his preferences flow second to Milad El Halabi, but unlike Tony then split the Labor candidates with Greens and a mix of Independents.

Helen Davidson

Affiliation /Preference Block — Independent

I’ve written about Helen in this article.

Sian Nelson

Affiliation /Preference Block — Greens / Fb Campaign Page / Campaign Website

Despite some ideological differences, the Greens are keeping it tight in their preference flows with the high-profile Independents.

Milad El Halabi

Affiliation /Preference Block — Labor / Fb Campaign Page/Profile

Proudly Labor candidate and ex councillor, the two incumbent independents (one who served with him) and Greens have put him dead last in their HTV’s.

Dale Martin

Affiliation /Preference Block — Greens Fb Campaign Page / Campaign Website

Lead Greens Candidate.