The Future is Indistinguishable from Magic

Michael Garfield
Sep 20, 2018 · 15 min read
The London Exhibition’s Crystal Palace, 1851 – arguably, an act of magic.
Saruman communing with advanced technology. How is your phone NOT the Palantir? (Trick question: it is.)
Computing, circa 1599.
Somebody forgot to read the end-user agreement…
Don’t mistake another angle on the self-ing ecosystem for a threat. (Source.)
The shortest distance between two points isn’t straight, because of vortices and friction.
Outside and inside the Crystal Palace.
The monkey is reaching
For the moon in the water.
Until death overtakes him
He’ll never give up.
If he’d let go the branch and
Disappear in the deep pool,
The whole world would shine
With dazzling pureness.
- Hakuin
Compellingly alive enough to be a problem.
…and back. (Source.)


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Michael Garfield

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