Stranger Things \ A Spoiler-Free One Minute Review

A comedic, fantastic, dramatic, demonic, suspense filled roller-coaster ride of science fiction adventure.

That’s how I would explain Stranger Things.

In all honesty, it took a couple episodes to actually grow on me. By the end of the first episode, I was asking myself: “What is all the fuss about.” By the end of the second episode? Well, let’s just say I spent 8 hours on a Sunday afternoon sitting in a recliner, chugging coffee, and staring at a television screen. Once you get started, it is really, really hard to stop.

Stranger Things is — as I’m sure many reviewers have mentioned before — an excellent mashup between the Goonies and The X-Files. It is very Stephen King-esque (despite not being written by him as many of my friends seem to believe, although there are plenty of cultural references to his work in the show). It’s full of demonic beings from parallel dimensions, HAM radios, Dungeons and Dragons, small town cops, and even a splash of romantic drama. It even covers all of the generational bases in separate (but very related) story lines. The adult story line, the teenage story line, and the pre-teen (kid? post-toddler? middle-schooler?) story line. Each with its unique traits, suspenseful thrills, and chaotic adventures. Obviously, the Goonies-like story line is by far the most entertaining (and hilarious at times), but that is just my opinion — go check it out and decide for yourself! If not only for an 8-episode glimpse of one man’s greatest engineering achievements — the Ford Pinto.