• Karim El Hassanein

    Karim El Hassanein

  • Ulabox


    Supermercado 100% online y mobile, Tu compra cuando y desde donde quieras. Repartimos en toda la Península y Baleares. Estamos aquí para lo que necesites ;-)

  • Jose Gil

    Jose Gil


  • Andrea R. Bifulco

    Andrea R. Bifulco

    Googler with a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Luciana Coelho

    Luciana Coelho

  • Irene A

    Irene A

    Advertising & PR student, saxophonist, tea addict and life lover! | She believed she could, so she did. #feminist #loveislouder

  • Daniel Garrido

    Daniel Garrido

    PhD on Astrophysics, now moving into Data Science. Socially & environmentally concerned, I try to keep in mind the bigger picture.

  • Sarah Ahern

    Sarah Ahern

    Co-founder @ Ginza + Fellow @ New Entreprenuers Foundation // former EiR @ Secret Escapes

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