“And don’t you dare suggest otherwise…” that is exactly the kind of intimidation I expect from from…
JC Weatherby

No offense JC Weatherby, but your assumptions about conservatives are very flawed and do dismiss the Facts. Let’s go through them one-by-one:

1.) “Evangelical extremists continually support a system that kills, brutalizes, and imprisons millions of African Americans, making America the nation with the largest imprisoned population the world has ever seen. Nothing barbaric or cruel about that.”

First off, the prison population does not consist of just African Americans. 
According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics in 2013, Non-Hispanic African-American males accounted for 37% of the total male population. 
Guess who is 2nd? Non-Hispanic Whites at 32%. That means there is only a 5% gap between the # of African-American males and the # of Whites in prison. The gap has narrowed if you compare those statistics to past statistics.

But you know what is more interesting? Males in general get incarcerated 114% more than Females. If anything, the justice system kills, brutalizes, directs prejudice, and imprisons millions of Males over Females. Statistics prove that the system is an incredibly Sexist system. It’s no longer a significant racist one. It used to be a very racist system. But not hardly anymore. There are major exception-cases that do express it’s racist roots, but it’s no longer a system that looks at an African-American after a white person robbed a bank and says: “Look at that black guy! Go get him because he just a robbed a bank, and he’s black.” That just doesn’t happen today. Back in the old days, they unfortunately did do that because whites were very racist against blacks. They used to blame white crimes on blacks all the time, and had no problem putting innocent people in jail. But not anymore.

Does that mean prejudice is not performed by police officers on a daily basis against African-Americans? No, of course not. Mistakes are made. And I have no doubt that many cops are indeed biased and racist with whom they choose to arrest, and why. But to blame that social injustice and the tremendous income inequality on JUST conservatives IS wrong, and dismisses the Facts. Because there are just as many racist Democrats as there are Republicans. Don’t believe me? Why do you think the primary between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in 2008 was so nasty? Why do you think Robert Byrd was an ex-KKK Klansmen leader?

2.) “Nothing barbaric about beating up your wife or girlfriend, or forcing yourself sexually on a minor as has been known to happen within Protestant families…”

What are your sources? Because the last time I checked, domestic & sexual abuse cases happen in all sorts of families. Not just Protestant ones. Why are you blaming domestic & sexual abuse by using a religious litmus test? What does one’s religious choice have anything to do with domestic & sexual abuse?

But if you want to use religion to make comparisons, why don’t you point out that in many Muslim families — they have no issues killing their daughters for having a sexual relationship with men outside of their religious circle? What about the genital mutilation they all strongly agree should continue according to national polling from their home countries in the Middle East?

Religion in general is a stupid excuse to blame domestic & sexual abuse on because all religions have their deep flaws & unique problems. Catholicism for example is still battling their sexual abuse against under-aged children inside the Vatican church. Hindus and Buddhists don’t even get along with each other in many cases. Don’t believe me? Ask the Dalai Llama and he’ll tell you all about the persecution he’s received from various groups of people throughout his Life simply because of his deep & committed religious faith. That’s why even though I may disagree with Bill Maher alot on many issues, I do applaud & strongly agree with him when he says: 
“All religions are stupid.”

3.) “Nothing barbaric about a system that halts AIDS research so that ‘queers’ can die because they deserve to…”

What is this comment? The last time I checked, AIDS is a blood-borne pathogen. It’s not something you breathe. So if you want to blame AIDS on anyone, you should blame the people diagnosed with HIV for it because they would not have AIDS to begin with if they chose to be smarter in their sex life, and whom they chose to sleep with. You can’t blame people’s personal mistakes and personal life choices on the government. That is grossly incorrect, and not accounting for those people’s irresponsibility when they voluntarily agreed to sleep with someone who had HIV. It does not matter if the person with HIV is straight or gay.

*Overall, your Civil Rights have already been protected and continue to be protected today. You are just complaining about a multitude of issues against Christians. You are blaming those political problems on one specific religion, and that’s not a good or healthy thing. Mostly because it shows a sense of religious-bias that quite frankly is no different from Anti-Semitism, Anti-Muslim, or racism in general.

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