“The Get Down”: A Continuing Exercise In Constantly Settling For Mediocrity While Compromising The…

I’m just a dumb white guy from Canada who in 1994 was a huge fan ( still am) of Public Enemy but had trouble understanding the larger context of Hip Hop at the time. I was young and asking questions, but didn’t really learn much.

The moment I stopped being interested in learning more was a conversation just like your article. I had asked a question in an assumptive manner about the origins of Hip Hop, thinking it was from LA as I new more about NWA and Ice Cube then I did anybody from New York. I was berated and made fun of.

As a young man looking for identity I decided Hip Hop was out. Too serious, not welcoming, and you better know — before you know.

So many parts of this show were so obviously inaccurate-even to a dumb white Canadian. But those inaccuracies lead me to look into the real history a bit more. I think your missing out on an opportunity.

Why not — positively correct the inaccuracy so people who always feel on the edge can better understand. You’d be a hero, bringing us in. Not like the kids in my high school that made me move from hip hop into punk music. Instead of both.

After reading this I feel dumb again. Alienated and guilty for enjoying what I’ve always loved about Hip Hop. The music.

Luckily I’m older and don’t care anymore about fitting in. Just interested in knowing. But that should be fun too.