I think you can work just about any relationship situation except romance between introverts and extraverts.
The Ultimate Guide To Being An Introvert
James Altucher

My wife is an extreme scaling extrovert and I’m so introverted it almost breaks the scale. It doesn’t define the success of our relationship at all. It’s the compromises we make for each other and the ability to have different ways to spend our time that has made our marriage a success.

I know that she needs friends and family time to recharge and have made the commitment to go to certain weekly gatherings with her. She knows that I’m not interested in doing much more and so is careful to only schedule events that include me if I’m really going to enjoy it.

We also balance each other out. I can lean on her to keep me social. While she slows down a bit and takes more time for herself than her habits would have her choose.

We actually love this opposite way of dealing with energy in each other and is a source of attraction.