Yes, you’re a racist… and a traitor.
John E. Price

Wow, ANOTHER retarded liberal idiot who couldn’t buy a clue even if you handed him cash, SMH.

First of all — as to all the idiotic references to the mass shooter…did you know that in addition to the confederate flag, he ALSO had an AMERICAN flag? Should we ban THAT now TOO? I mean after all, I’m sure all the innocent civilians who lived in the middle east and who were killed by our military, as well as their surviving family members, would agree that the AMERICAN flag is “offensive” to them too! I mean, to many of them, it’s a symbol of a country that imposes their will on any country them deem fit to.

But I digress. Back to the whole REBEL FLAG issue (yeas, the flag in question is the REBEL flag, and not the “Confederate Flag” as so many of you clueless liberals like to call it). I’m sorry someone else’s freedom of expression “offended” you, but if it’s SO offensive to you, you’re ALWAYS welcome to go to another country where they DON’T HAVE freedom of expression — like Communist Cuba or China for instance! There are A LOT of things that offend A LOT of people in this country, but we don’t go banning EVERYTHING that’s offensive to EVERYONE, now do we? Otherwise, this would be a pretty sterile, boring country we live in, wouldn’t it?

That’s the point on this issue folks — you can’t ban shit just because YOU find it offensive — that’s called CENSORSHIP, and in a “free” society, that’s just wrong. That’s the great thing about freedom of expression — EVERYONE is entitled to express themselves AS THEY SEE FIT, even if the view their expressing offends you!

When you start banning things that offend ONE group, it’s the start of a slippery slope that leads to eventually something YOU support/enjoy being banned because THAT offends SOMEONE ELSE.

“ I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” — Voltaire

It’s high time people in this country grew a pair, and stopped getting offended over every god damn little thing. Because we’re going from being a once powerful, strong nation….to a nation of whiny little pansies who don’t want to work for anything, and just want Big Brother to coddle them and hand them everything on a silver platter.

The saddest part of this story though — is that THIS liberal douche is an “Instructor in American Studies and Communications,” oh how I weep for the future with children indoctrinated by this clueless twit.

Seriously John — stick with Golfing, Folklore, and sucking down processed foods and drinks at your local fast food joint (the corporations who profit from your poor eating habits thank you). Leave the political/societal commentary to people who ACTUALLY use their brains to think for themselves, and who AREN’T as brain-washed by the mainstream media as you clearly are.

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