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Great job answering your own question! /s

I think part of the reason is they don’t want anything to do with the grandma that can’t figure out her email and the grandpa that believes everything he reads on the internet.

Honestly, from a Democratic point of view the fault lies at Ms. Clinton. She’s always been a terrible candidate. She has been coasting and doing a bad job of getting her message out to those who supported Sen. Sanders. So, millennials look for someone to speak to the issues they care about. I believe she’ll be a decent president and she was a capable secretary of state but she flat out stinks at campaigning.

From a Republican point of view, the GOP flat out dropped the ball the second they let 40,212 people run for president. This was their election to win, they nominate a moderate (relatively speaking) like Rubio or Kasich and it’s a dogfight for the White House. Instead, they nominate Trump and anyone with half a brain and half a heart is running far, far away from him.

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