Freeflix HQ APK Review (2020) Android-PC-Firestick

Michael Green
Jan 5 · 3 min read

For those of you who don’t know what Freeflix HQ APK is, this is an app that is available on android that lets you stream and download movies, tv shows for free. Think of Netflix, but for no monthly charge and more content. Given the current situation in the premium streaming world with too many companies starting their own streaming services with exclusive content and all the other limitations, application like Freeflix HQ APK are becoming ever more popular.

First impressions of Freeflix HQ APK

Downloading and installing the app is simple enough. Given the nature of the app, Freeflix HQ will not be available to download on any major app stores such as Google play. Therefore you will need to download the apk version of Freeflix HQ. To download the Freeflix HQ APK for android click here.

Even though the app is completely free, Freeflix HQ most certainly does not feel like one. The interface is beautifully designed and the usability of the app is very decent. Now if you compare this app to premium apps like Netflix or Amazon prime, you will instantly notice that the premium apps feel a lot more cohesive. However, that would be an unjust comparison. Companies like Netflix and Amazon have millions upon millions of dollars to spend on their software.

Given what the app is made for and what it is being used to, the Freeflix HQ APK app is well made. It serves the purpose of what it is superposed to do. And you can't expect anything more than that. From that point of view, the app can be held in high regard when it comes to its design and usability.

The content

Moving to the most important aspect of the Freeflix HQ APK app. The content. The design and the feel of the app wont mean a thing if it didn’t have enough movies and TV shows to satisfy the users. This, Freeflix HQ APK has in abundance. The app has more movies and TV shows than you can watch in a lifetime. However, Freeflix HQ APK is well known for one thing, Anime. Even before I downloaded the app I knew about this. So this is something that I wanted to check out for myself because I am a huge Anime fan. Safe to say I wasn’t disappointed.

Freeflix HQ APK has hundreds of Anime titles which is more anime than I could ever watch. While some of the anime titles are not the best in the world, most of them, I mean the majority of them are excellent anime shows. Some of my all time favorites were also found which made me a happy man.

Freeflix HQ APK issues

The Freeflix HQ app did have some issues with crashing when the app was overloaded. This issue was rectified through one of the updates the app received. Another known issue with the app was in the download screen, when trying to download movies or TV shows. This issue was also rectified through the latest update. The most recent version 4.2.0 is the best update of the Freeflix HQ APK app to date. I have been using it for months now and I have not had any notable issues.


Given why you would use an app of this nature, the Freeflix HQ APK app covers all the bases. Searching for movies or TV shows is easy and quick, you get all the information you would need to know about a movie or TV shows which helps you decide if you want to watch including IMBD ratings. Downloading content to your device is a breeze and the download speeds are pretty good. TV channel streaming is also very good on the Freeflix HQ APK app. Based on just these aspects of the app, I would rate Freeflix HQ APK as one of the best free streaming android apps.

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