Why I’m Absolutely an Angry Black Woman
Dominique Matti

GET OVER YOURSELF!! We all go through things in our whole life. Do you believe in God? do you not understand that these things you went through are nothing unless you let it become something? what difference does it make what happened in the past you are an adult now! Grow up and stop blaming everyone else’s actions …because it’s only YOUR RE-ACTION to it all that matters and how YOU respond to it that makes who you are ..I see a weak woman in this article who is blaming everyone else’s actions for her being an angry black woman instead of getting on with your life. bringing Joy and the gospel into the world around you as a STRONG HAPPY CHILD OF GOD. Choose ! are you going to let what happened in 3rd grade make you still angry in your 30's??? well?Go read your Bible and learn how to be an environment inside of an environment! Go build up your faith in God and learn how to live the word and will of God and watch your environment change the outside environment around you. angry black woman..how ridiculous .