⦁ MY SIMPLE LIFE 7/6/2016
I wonder sometimes where i would be if i just didn’t have the great and simple life. or why i just sit here thinking constantly of usually nothing but my friends or loved ones i share . i had a great upbringing from my loving family of an older brother and sister. we had some rough times growing up but i would never take nothing back or change what i learned from them. now even though i am a bit stubborn, and have a hard time making good decisions. i sit here wondering what it would be like if i didn’t have have them by my side telling me what i am doing wrong. i always thought they didn’t want to be near me but i realize it was me who didn’t want to be near them. i have always wanted to venture out and explore the universe or in so many words not be home. but home is where the heart is. there were times when i did not laugh or smile much, but when i am with my family or friends i am like a little kid who loves to laugh and make people laugh whether you are a child or an adult, i will do something that will leave an impression forever on your memories. i sit here remembering a lot of the past and i get asked all the time what about the future? well the future is just that the future.

the past had a lot to remember and the future has a lot in store which can not be put in anything, what it is , is a possibility of what could happen, it is up to me what i do to change it. i have done some knuckle head dumb stuff in the past and i am sure i am not done yet. what i did learn is nobody is perfect we will do some things that will shake our head. our religious leaders will say it is are calling to make mistakes and learn from them and i tend to believe they are right. are parents are teachers, cause it seems like we want to be one step ahead of them but in reality we still do the same thing they did. but it is a small percent that really do something totally different. some will say i write like a child but this is strait out of my head, this is not to be considered an English lit event, this comes from the heart, my heart, my soul. so in the future i will send a bit more, maybe my life experience can help someone. if you like this great, if it doesn’t well, i hope you keep it to your self.

i grew up in a loving family with two great parents in 1966, i guess this is where i started life, i can not say i was the perfect child, i t always seemed i was always getting into some sort of trouble whether it was with my parents or my siblings and being the baby of the bunch i thought i had to get some sort of attention but in reality i had all the attention.

one of my found memories was when i would get spanked by my mother sometimes it was by the hand other times it was by yard sticks where after awhile it became a joke between my brother and i that mom would break yet another yard stick only because i would move around a lot so the yard stick would always get caught on my bed and would snap, i used to laugh my but off which would make my mom shake her head and i know it made her mad, i bet she wondered what to use next, i always thought she couldn't use the stick now. how wrong i was, where i soon realized later what my mom and dad used to talk about when it came to me and being spanked. one day dad came home with a bundle of about 50 yard sticks, i knew then i was in trouble of course my brother thought that was funny, i think i quit acting out by then. another fear was when my mom would say ‘just wait till your father get home”. i had so much fear that every car that would drive by would send me into constant fear course i was i think about 10 years old by then. which i would get a bely to my but but times were different then to days as we know it now, kids dont get spanked like we did back then. i always heard families getting a switch to thier butt, which i can say that never happened to me not sure of my brother and sister.

all the discipline from back then did not make me a bad person, if anything it made me the man i am today. i have little tolerance for kids now adays who have no respect for their parents. my life was not strict but when i was in school, i had to bring my homework home and do it before i went out with my friends and i had to be home before dinner and i could go back out but had to be back home by 7:30 and in bed by 8 pm and on the weekends i go to stay up till 10 pm. now i hated doing that but now i look at how much i hated taking naps in the middle of the day but now i love to take a couple of hours as a power nap and now i go to bed by 10, how ironic.