Weinstein Isn’t The Only One: Screen Celebs Who Abuse Women or Children
Beth Winegarner

Listing “rape jokes” among actual serious accusations of wrongdoing seems highly irresponsible. As if someone who laughed at a joke which may involve the concept of rape in some capacity is morally equivalent to someone who’s engaged in domestic violence, rape, or other form(s) of sexual assault. It is simply offensive to the sensibilities to list something that doesn’t even make someone a bad person for being involved with, (not to mention the exercising of free speech of said person) as if it were a badge of misogyny placed upon them, marking them as some kind of foul, vile scourge in our society. Sadly this is the kind of biased, subjective nonsense that passes for journalism these days. You should be ashamed and should strive to do better.

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