On What to Say and How to Say It

There isn’t a hard and fast rule that will save you from misunderstandings and a myriad of criticisms. Some criticisms will be well founded, and some won’t, but you can guarantee that most people won’t ‘get it’.

A good example of this is my last Medium post, wherein I personified the ‘internal voice’ and wrote with candor about the vitriol that I reflexively spew at myself. My emphasis was on the idea that, absent the vitriol, our self-critical impulses may be correct, and that they are essentially a function of the drive to self-improvement. My own particular self-criticisms were only an example.

Regrettably, many more people misunderstood what I was saying than those who understood. Even more regrettably, I overlooked my position of leadership over the youth of my community, and my responsibility to ensure that I do not lead them wrong. Regardless of whether it is permissible to use foul language if it is as a faithful quotation, the potential that the nuance would be lost and lead someone to believe that such language is okay, makes it wrong for me.

For this recklessness, I am compelled to apologize. Although I am imperfect, and indeed still learning, I can promise that I will be much more careful in the future.

I would elaborate on the troubles of interpretation (and there are many), I feel it may cheapen my apology, so perhaps I will do that in a later ‘article’.