Let’s cut to the chase, here, because this is getting boring and repetitive. And overly semantical.
Kady M.

The US, developed world, and developing world utilize a free market philosophy in their economies. There are a couple of backwards outliers, like N. Korea, Venezuela, and some Middle Eastern monarchies, but that’s pretty much how we roll.

Free market philosophy? Hardly. All but those few have been commandeered by globalism and oligarchy, having very little to do with what you describe as a “free market.” The WTO, World Bank et al, have terraformed the world into a set of resource countries serving the interests of the industrialized nations with insurmountable debt as leverage. Free market indeed.

The rest of your bullet points are attempts to characterize globalism as a few corporate ad-ons. They are not. Describing what is going on out there as free market capitalism is as inaccurate as calling the Soviet Union’s serial dictatorship socialism. Your free market capitalism does not exist outside of textbooks and wingnut web sites.

Tin foil hat alert. SS and Medicare are funded by payroll taxes, which arent affected by changes in the marginal income tax rates of either corporations or individuals.

Really? Tin foil hat alert? Tell that to the $537 billion proposed cut from Medicare in the latest Rep budget.

Well, the “trillions” will have been moved out of their reach. But hope springs eternal.

You’re kinda making my point for me here.