I don’t understand what you’re saying at all.
H. Nemesis Nyx

It’s simple. You quoted at the very top of your original response a line from Caitlin’s article specifically addressing the lack of evidence of the DNC email hack being of Russian origin. You claim that is a false statement. So, I’m challenging you to show me specific passages from your posted documents of the DNC hack being of Russian origin. (Good luck.)

Otherwise, it’s just another day in the life of US vs Russian hacks that go back to the beginning of the Internet. Russian hacking by itself is a given. Russian hacking of the DNC, however, is a particularly lame coverup and distraction posed as Wikileak collusion with the Rooskies for all you bluebots to forget about (what was that again? oh yeah,) DNC primary rigging and corruption.

In fact, all your proof and all your Red baiting (both political and international) is just you bluebots trying to avoid the fact that your fearless leaders have already proclaimed in open court that they are rigging elections, while you guys are busy as bees blaming Russians for… what? Being Russians. Right. Good call.

So, anyway, try to keep your mind off of your collusion in your own betrayal, and just go find me the evidence of the DNC hack being by the Russians. If you can find any DNC/Rooskie references (I’ve downloaded your stuff), well then, I’ll apologize and stop bugging you about being a bluebot. If not, you’re still on the hook for being a sucker. Fair enough?

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