Time out.
Kady M.

When I say that the “system is not rigged”, I am talking about the basic principles of the free market.

Now we’re getting somewhere. So it’s the idealized system of economics as taught in U of C and held in the minds of corporate apologists, is not rigged. But the one we live and breath in the real world is rigged in favor of the corporate oligarchs as I outlined in my earlier post. Oh wait, you’ve got more idealized apologist jargon to pass off as real world descriptors. Time to sharpen my pencils.

So, yea, that part was indeed “rigged”; we were signing trade agreements built off a corporatist template popularized by Bill Clinton and Mickey Kantor. And finally, we have a president who is willing to poke holes in them, instead of just doubling down like Bush II and Obama did.

Excellent. You know what they say, “Admission of the problem is 90% of the solution.” But what’s this? i think you misspelled “a president who is cutting trillions of dollars in taxes for the rich (83% going to the top 1%) who in turn are using it to maximize investor value and not grow jobs” (rigged). All of which is ultimately designed to bankrupt Social Security and Medicare. Yeah, this guy is deregulating everything in sight for what? The little guy? Bring back the middle class? Hardly. No, he ain’t doubling down, he’s tripling down on the rigged system. (Oh, and Nafta is still just like it ever was, well after the deadline for negotiations have passed.)

is that there was no law that could be used to charge them with, unless you wanted to smash the ratings agencies, which is where the actual fraud occurred. So, we agree that all those things were bad……but that’s a long way from declaring the basic system to be rigged.

Total bullshit. Yes, absolutley, smash the ratings agencies. Send them to jail for massive fraud. That’s the charge for bank officials too who signed loans they new would never be paid by the folks they were signing up. Fraud. No only bad, but fraudulent. Criminal. Yet no one went to jail, because the system is rigged in favor of those big money players.

The entire sub-prime debacle was clearly symptomatic of a system rigged to get massive short term profits into the corporate coffers at the expense of naive home buyers and trusting global clients of the derivatives. Yes, rigged, from the top down for the benefit of the top.

Actually, that’s not quite correct. Money is inexorably tied into freedom. If you have no disposable money, you may have political freedom on paper, but you are limited in how you exercise it.

Exactly so. In a rigged system where people are robbed of their freedom by money being redistributed to the top via all these mechanisms I have mentioned, you get folks at the bottom angry and desperate. Sooner or later they’ll fix it so it’s rigged in their favor.

Rubbish. Revolution comes from the stomach, and we’re too well fed to fall prey to an event which would wipe out the economy for a generation, and result in nothing but worse economic conditions for all.

You got that right. You wait long enough and it won’t be pitch forks, it won’t be the Dems in charge, either, it won’t even be social democracy you’re looking at. It will be the newest version of the commies redistributing your superiors’ trillions to whomever they like. They could fly the dont-tread-on-me snake banner, or they could fly the rebel stars and bars. You never know.

You see, there is a rift in the money. Yeah, your handlers are not a lockstep lot. There are the Koch types that are tipping the scales against the more traditional oligarchs. You think that’s good, but what happens when their leader gets impeached on “trumped” up charges? The Rooskies would love a nice little civil war in the US, wouldn’t they? Go a long way to help it happen, they would. Revolution? Hell, Trump was a bit of a revolution himself, wasn’t he? And the trend that got him elected is only getting worse.

You can talk like an oligarch, but you are just another sycophant hanging on at the margins hoping the system holds. But, push comes to shove? You’re just like the rest of us.