The Enemy Of The People
Bradley Burt

What a pile of psychobabble. You sound like a mainstream journalist trying to convince himself of his utility. The electorate’s reasoning is not the problem. You could be Einstein and not be able to winnow out the truth from the garbage the mainstream media hurls 24/7. Neither side has any interest whatsoever in objective information outside of the rarefied traces that can be woven into the Plutocratic narrative.

You act like there is actually some salient info in the networks for a democracy to thrive on. There is not. The Russians are no bigger threat today than 5 years ago. Trump is not that much different from Bush. The govt is not broken, it’s just been converted into a chamber of commerce.

There is no journalism. The free press is dead. And. Gone. The last nail in the coffin was put there by Bill Clinton with the Communication Act of 1996 that gave away everything that Reagan didn’t to the multinational corporations.

What you have now is the fake two-party charade’s standard narrative for why democracy looks so much like plutocracy. It’s corporate propaganda and nothing else. Hope this helps you to “reason” things out.