Ask Ethan: What happens when a black hole’s singularity evaporates?
Ethan Siegel

“You might think there could be a state of matter that’s stable and has a finite volume within the event horizon, but that’s not physically possible.”

There is insufficient data to make this statement with any confidence. The current model is only a mathematical idealization of what may be the case on the other side of the event horizon, much less how matter and space inside this horizon may behave if there are smaller constituents to the quark.

These articles should all start with and frequently reassert qualifications like “under the current model” and “as best we can guess”. Not to do this is to not only continue to make the biggest historical mistake humans make with respect to the unknown, but to normalize it in future generations. And that mistake is to imagine our current models are anywhere close to sufficient to describe what can’t be empirically confirmed.