An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton — Make the Impossible Possible

Dear Secretary Hillary Clinton,

You don’t know me. I’m not a US citizen, so I’m not about to comment on your policies. I’m writing because there is an elephant in the room that’s been overlooked by every other candidate in the election cacophony. You’re uniquely positioned to call attention to it.

Marianne Williamson said there are a lot of people who want a woman president — myself included. I’d go so far as to say that our world is so broken that only a woman president can fix it.

Trump’s surprising chance of winning has come about not because he is a better leader, but because he has convinced the disenfranchised that he is on a good quest. Trump has promised to make the impossible possible.

The reason for Trump’s popularity is profoundly similar to the UK’s recent BREXIT outcome and there is a valuable lesson: The Stay campaigners lost because the best inspiration they could come up with was “vote for Stay so Leave doesn’t win.”

Hardly inspirational; nor is calling Trump a bully.

What’s needed is an impossible dream — a rallying call to the millions who want a woman president, but who aren’t ready to vote for you. Yet.

You are the first woman major party nominee — precisely at a time that historical patterns show that Western civilization is transitioning from a patriarchy to a matriarchy. You are in a unique position to shred the playbook created by men and lead the US on women’s terms.

I’m not talking about the typical gender equality issues in higher education, pay, elected office and business. That’s old stuff. I’m talking about exposing the elephant in the room: that male-constructed systems have run their course and are due for replacement. I’m talking about imagineering a world where women thrive. I’m talking about a campaign where previously ‘soft’ values like fairness, reciprocity, empathy, cooperation, tolerance, inclusivity, diversity and caring about the well-being of others are the primary discussion points — an overall framework for specific campaign issues.

This could be your quest to make the impossible possible, and could quite possibly keep your campaign conclusively ahead. Don’t stoop to Trump’s level — rather create a new discourse that makes Trump irrelevant.

In 1969 you quoted a Nancy Scheibner poem that ends:

“But to practice with all the skill of our being
The art of making possible.”

Please talk to us about making impossible, preposterous dreams possible. Talk to us as a woman, from a woman’s perspective. The male diatribe long ago became unimaginative, vitriolic and obsolete. To break tradition like this will be risky because maybe America isn’t ready for it. But if you are not on a quest to make the impossible possible, there’s a higher risk that people will vote you irrelevant. That would be a shame.

The world’s biggest problems will never be solved without wonderfully big, new ideas, pushing the boundaries of conditioning and ingrained beliefs. With apologies to Einstein:

“Men cannot solve the problems created by the ideas of men.”

Right now the US (and the world) needs intuitive, compassionate (women) leaders who are prepared to tackle issues with verve, empathy and conviction, and who understand systemic causation.

You’re uniquely positioned for the task, but please up the ante on your campaign — people are starting to despair, and I know you’re frustrated by America’s caricature of you.

It’s time to replace history with herstory.

Your ally, supporter and champion of the shift to matriarchy,


Michael Haupt is a strategist, speaker, mentor and advisor tracking the ever-accelerating progress of combinatorial technology, the simultaneous shift from patriarchy to matriarchy and what it means to life and business.