Check out some of the other articles and the original white paper not just the ID one. It explains all in detail.
Sure. I’ve talked about this at length in other Cicada articles.
Daniel Jeffries

Daniel, I herewith publicly apologise for initially passing an opinion on Cicada before really diving into your white papers and articles. What you have written is simply genius. In my own travels I’ve described (in layman’s terms) The Whole Person Index. Never for a minute did I think someone in the world has actually spec’d this beast out, but you have. And you’ve considered absolutely every angle. Mind-blowing. When I read that much of your vision started 20 years ago, I was even more gob-smacked.

Since you truly are “skating to where the puck will be” I wondered whether you might be interested in playing a role in the 1st Global Reboot Humanity Symposium. It’s essentially where we start mapping out how we go about “incentivizing certain behaviors while de-incentivizing bad behaviors within the system.” Will send you a private note.

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