It does not really matter if your stories are not getting their due in Medium. What really matters, is your expertise and whether you are making use of it, in the best possible way.
The 1 Amazing Secret to be a TOP writer in Medium
Ravi Shankar Rajan

Great post, Ravi, and thanks for laying this all out for us.

Just a little something to add to the pot of “why comments are important”.

Comments are (generally speaking) real, passionate and authentic. That’s not to say that Stories aren’t, we’re all far more likely to read a comment than we are to read a story that starts with:

  • 5 Reasons XYZ Isn’t Working for You
  • How to Achieve Lasting Success Doing XYZ
  • The Top 7 Places to XYZ

I’ve had great success with commenting. My own stories are intentionally deep and sometimes difficult to follow, so people don’t often engage with me because of my stories (which I’m OK with). With commenting, however, I’ve grown a pretty significant following.

I guess you could say that I’m proof that what you’re saying works!

Incidentally, highlighting works just as well.

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